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His Smile...  / Nancey Danielle (Friend)
hello, first off i wanted to say i hope u r doin ok and hope this letter finds u well. next, i wanna share somethin with u that im sure is no suprise. ur son was a wonderful person! i can remember the first time i ever saw him i was a freshman in high school...kinda nervous and that was strange for me cuz im very outgoin and outspoken, but the anxiety of it all had me a wreck. well, here he came struttin down the hallway on cloud nine :) and i remember what caught my eye bout him was his BEAUTIFUL smile, im a sucker for cute boys with a smile and i was almost to my lockers and he came out of spanish class....and i guess he saw me lookin at, him i dunno anyways he said 'It gets better trust me' and just as he came he went ....on down the hall with a group of friends jus like eveytime i saw him. he is such a ppl person and how could anyone resit that smile... boy he sure knew how to milk it too lol...but anyways i wanted to tell u that even in the smallest of ways ur son touched ppl. bc even if u had a bad day u could always look up and see spencer smilin ear to ear and it jus seemed to make u happier.

I'm so sorry  / Grace Clark (no relation )
I feel for all of you, I  heard of this game before,  and knew its dangers, I never realized how many kids died from it. My heart goes out to all of you and your lost loved one, I hope you find peace with in his lose.
so very sorry  / Ajia Graham (none)
i am so very sorry for your lost. i heard of the game before and actually tried to play it but something told me not to. i cry so much after hearing a kid die from it. and it is so heart breakin. i'm 11 yrs old and  i heard about the game this year and everyone i know says its stupid. i don't know how it feels to lose someone you are really close to, but i know it is painful. may God be with you and may his soul rest in peace forever.
Incubus lyrics.  / Cherita Barnes

I was listening to this song & I wanted to put it on here, because it really reminds me of Spencer. It is by Incubus, of course.
                    "The world is a joke when out of love
                           Please come back to us
                            You're all of the above
                  I'm making a choice to be out of touch
                             Leave me be he said"

one way spencer changed my life  / Susan Vaughn (friend)
i used to be a cutter. that's one thing spence and i used to talk about. i carved a star into my hip as soon as i found out he left, with a vow to renew it every year on the anniversary of his death. by the time that came, i had stopped cutting, and i knew spencer would never want me to cut anymore. he always wanted me to stop anyway. so i didn't. instead, when i turned 18, i got a tattoo in that spot as a tribute not only to spencer's life, but as a reminder of all the many things he did for me. everytime i look at it, i see him. everytime i show someone else my tattoo, i tell them the story of the amazing person spencer was. i guess for me, it's one more way to keep him alive.

cathy, thank you so much for this site. i know it doesn't bring him back, but spencer did more good in his short life than most people will ever hope to do. and he loves you so very much. you're a strong woman and you're awesome. you'd have to be to raise such an amazing young man.

he will never be forgotten.
Thank you.  / Jennifer E. (stranger)
Thank you for creating this site and educating fellow children and parents.  As a parent of 2 sons, ages 14 and 22, I find this incredibly eye-opening. Thank you.
Another Mom in pain  / Rose McPhee
I am truly sorry for your loss i have just lost my 16 year old son to this horrible game on March 21, 2006. i'm so confused how could he do such a thing my huband and daughter Danielle are so mixed up. how could we not see the signs? only after when were sent a article I knew in my heart Leo would never kill him self, especially he would never let his father and I find him the way we did .Again I'm sorry and I know your pain it makes me sick even to get out of bed
sympathy / Passerby (none)
What a gorgeous young man! Such a touching site. My heart goes out to you and your family. Such a terrific loss. I had never heard of the "choking game" until I started reading these sites. There was recently a college student in our state that passed from this game. It's bad that more parents/teachers/doctors/and the public in general aren't more aware of this game and what signs to look for in our sons and daughters. May God Bless and comfort your family.
you still keep giving gifts to life!  / Shawn Quigley (cousin)

even though the pages on the calendar turn and fly away , your memory and smile carry on with your love and the lifes you touched while you were here have been stregnthened as you have showed the way to carry on with life. You would be so proud of your mom who now is speaking out about the choking game . she has taken  your loss very hard but has had your spirit and courage to speak out and possible help end this game.  I can see you smiling and saying thats my mom!

James has been a knight and stood steadfast with your mom through this all as he too loved you dearly. Nanny and Pa  miss you terrible but all are learning from you how to trust the unseen and unknow. please hug my dad, your great uncle, Bob Quigley as he came to be with you on jan 2,06 as did my future nephe, jousha uhlig, on march 17.06 i know you will show them around and be the wonderful guy you are. thank you for all the love you brought to our family and your friends 

love you shawn boy
Two Years, Two Months, and Thirteen Days  / Meredith (Friend)

Two Years, Two Months, and Thirteen Days

             As we go through life we meet lots of new people, most of those people will never leave a lasting impression in our lives; however, there’s a small group of people we will never forget. Everyday I thank God for these special people who are far and few between.  I often think of one of these people, William Spencer Lively IV.

             Spencer was lucky enough to find beauty in everyday life. When you can look at the simplest thing and see what God wanted everyone to embrace, then you are truly living.  One of the life's lessons Spencer taught me was ‘beauty is everywhere.’  In a world full of negativity, it is hard to find the good, but if you keep open eyes, open ears, and most importantly an open heart, then you can embrace the world that surrounds you.

             All my life I’ve heard laughter is the best form of medicine and I never really believed this until, of course, Spencer.  With a sparkling smile on his face and the willingness to do anything for a laugh, you could never be sad around Spencer.  So now when I’m down I think of him and remember the laughs and let myself fall into memories.

             In this big world so many different languages are spoken, but no matter what language music is music.  Spencer’s life was based around music; he knew with his music he could change the world for the better.  Spencer took his every emotion and turned them into melodies you got lost in.   Over time I’ve learned to turn my feelings into poetry so that maybe one day I’ll carry on his dream.

             Spencer has been gone for two years, two months, and thirteen days now. Even though he is gone, he continues to teach me things daily. I can only hope that I’ll impact someone’s life at least half as much as Spencer did for so many people. Beauty, laughter, music, Spencer…

"MY child On the day God took you I thought that I would die I wondered where the time went? I asked alot of whys?? With people all around me I felt alone inside From all their words of comfort, I couldn't seem to hide, I thought I might be dreaming That I'd wake and find you here, I thought "This can't be happening." As I wiped another tear. On the day that you were laid to rest My heart broke yet again, I wondered if the pain would end, But mostly, I wondered when?? It's hard to be without you, At times the days seem long, Sometimes I just sit crying, When there's really nothing wrong. I wish we'd had more time, Before your life was done. I hope your resting peacefully, My precious child,
in the wind  / Shawnacy@sbcglobal.n-------et Quigley (cousin)
Spencer you play your music from the other side as wind chimes sing with  the joy you carry in your heart just on the othersie of for EVER! It is funny how a soul can live on  for always just on the other side. Your kind face and sweet smile is  for ever imbossed in the mind of those that love you and hold you close,
  play often, play loud and let the wind chimes sing your songs to sooth the hearts still on this side that are filled with grief and pain on not being able to have your mortal body in sight, Remind them with the wind chimes that you are acknowledging them and sending your love.
  You graduated from earth school and God called you home . in my mind it was like jfk jr,  and princess dianna, to assist the Lord in his work in our turbulent world...help keep balance and good judgement. you were always one that was good at debate. Thanks for all the hearts you opened while on earth and the ones that you are helping to seek faith, and recognize lifes cycle.
  Yes, life go's on, but Spencer you are not forgotten
nor, ever will be!
  Rest in peace and go in the Grace of God!
we will be listening for your latest tune next time the wind blows.........
your second cousin
Shawn Quigley
You can't always get what you want  / Natasha Gerstenschlager (friend)
This tribute is for someone who showed me what an angel was.  Spencer, you were always someone who could make me smile with just a glance in my direction.  I relish in the memories of the times we spent together.  You taught me so much about life and love.  I wish I had had more time to show you what you meant to me, but there is a reason for everything.  I know one day we'll be together again. Sometimes when life seems to be going nowhere fast, I feel you smiling down on me from heaven.  And when life seems fantastic, I know you taught me how to appreciate that.  Thank you Spencer.  I love you.
my friend  / Meredith (friend)
I think of you daily. I love you my friend. always.
birthdaywish / Marsha Potter (friend)
I wish Spencer were here to enjoy his birthday tomorrow but know all of us who loved him will be thinking about him. His star burned brightly out but he will never be forgotten.